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Described variously as ‘A National Treasure’ and ‘Master of the Dark Arts’, Sleepless principal Damian Liptrot has been providing support for musicians for 40 years.

Damian Liptrot

About Me

Acting variously as manager, agent, promoter, publicist, roadie and spiritual advisor to a variety of artists, he has seen them play 1000’s of gigs and festivals of all sizes, featured on international, national, regional and local radio and TV, and covered in all the right print and online media appropriate to their genres. Artists he has supported have won multiple awards, gained chart success, undertaken prestige tours and supports, as well as releasing well received albums and singles to ever growing and appreciative audiences.

In addition, he has planned and coordinated collaborative projects, launching the careers of young musicians, as well as planning and managing events ranging from individual gigs, through to well attended and sell out festivals.

Additionally, in careers running parallel to these, he has devised and delivered academic courses at all levels from pre-GCSE to post-graduate, initiated and contributed to the development of local, regional and national projects, as well as co-authoring and editing a number of books, including a best-selling trilogy covering research methods and an internationally distributed distance learning package.

His work with restoration specialists Lost Art Limited has seen the company win multiple industry awards and a national reputation for excellence in completing heritage projects. His roles there included the marketing development, website and social media provision, technical document and report authoring, archiving and the dreaded Health and Safety management.

Damian is now distilling all the above experience into providing support for musicians and musical projects, mainly in the folk, acoustic and blues genres.



Assuming that you would like your music to be heard and enjoyed by as many people as possible, we can help you help yourself in all aspects of the process.

For artists who have written and possibly already recorded their own songs – you have done the bit that I can’t – but what comes next?

Sleepless can support you with the rest of the process – if you can’t afford, or choose not to have management, agents, pluggers and the like – Sleepless can support you through the planning and processes of sharing your music.

Starting with planning – too many people make the mistake of recording their music and then looking at what they will do with it. Possibly pressing up CDs before looking at all the aspects of what needs to be done. Sleepless is here to help you.

Together, we can look at all the aspects of recording and releasing your music


And that’s just for starters!

Now, if you think you have all that covered, then I wasted my time writing this, you wasted your time reading it and good luck to you going forward. On the other hand, if any of the above has escaped your consideration or you feel you need support, then do get in touch. Just a day spent considering all the above in a structured manner could be at least as important as simply getting your music recorded if it increases the chances of it getting shared. A basic day spent with Sleepless could make all the difference. Get in touch and we can take it from there – but be prepared to work at it – if your music is worth hearing, it is worth making sure it gets heard.



Sleepless principal Damian Liptrot has been providing support for musicians for 40 years.

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